Never Let Go 4K

USA | Morocco | Spain | UK Movies / Thrillers 4K
Producer: Howard J. Ford
Cast:Angela Dixon, Nigel Whitmey, Lisa Eichhorn, Velibor Topic, Heather Peace, Rami Nasr, Sarah Perles, Samantha Bolter, Michael Xavier, Glenn Salvage, Sanita Simms, Darcie Lincoln, Katie Knight Adams, Layla May Thom-Chew, Joan Fontanet...
IMDB 5.3
File Size 11.92 GB
Film description
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A single mother on vacation, takes the law into her own hands to take back her abducted child.

A single mother desperately searches for her missing child in a beautiful, but unfamiliar land, following an apparent abduction. Trusting no one, and stopping at nothing, as she weaves her way through the murky backstreet's and barren landscapes, now implicated in the murder of a seemingly innocent man, her connections back in the US begin to reveal that there is much more at stake than first meets the eye..

File size: 11.92 GB

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